Traditional box sash windows


Palladio vertical sliding box sash window combines all the traditional styling with modern technology, it suits perfectly the character of ‘period’ style housing, it combines comfort, convenience and security while preserving its classic lines.

Craftsman manufactured with modern state-of-the-art techniques each window is lovingly created to emulate the victorian sash that has performed so well for so many years.

We incorporate into our modern verticle sliding sash window:

* 24mm double glazing is standard with our box sash windows.
* Special timber sections, designed to accomodate the double glazing unit.
* Extra seals, allowing smoother sash movement and improved weather performance.
* Both sashes have finger lifts and locking sash locks.
* Enviroment:The timbers from managed forests.
* A range of sash window designs including arched heads and Georgian style .

Our box sash windows are available in two options:

* Traditional lead weights on ropes or chains.
* Pre tensioned spring balancer mechanisism

Our box sash windows are available factory painted or stained

They are also available supplied unpainted or unstained